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Kind Words

“David Ford; for people who actually give a sh*t.”
The Fly Magazine
“Pop star or not, David Ford remains one of Britain’s best. – 5 out of 5.”
Lisa Verrico, The Times (London)
“Genuine depth and striking authority.”
Rolling Stone
“An English Lucinda Williams… puts everything into every note & word.”
Phil Sutcliffe, The Los Angeles Times
“David Ford is the eternal thrill of a young man going way too far and pulling it off.”
David Hepworth, Word Magazine
“He is becoming unmissable – 5 out of 5.”
Dave Simpson, The Guardian
“Sends a chill up the spine.”
Dan Cairns, The Sunday Times (London)
“David Ford played to an enraptured crowd.”
Latitude Festival
“David Ford, a work of sheer greatness.”
Will Levith, American Songwriter
“David Ford delivered the greatest performance of the whole weekend.”
John Sakamoto, The Toronto Star



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4th August 2017

Why Don’t You Answer Your Telephone?
A Perfect Day
Timber to Ashes
Someone (Other Than You)
A Hundred Streets

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28 November 2014

This Will All Count for Nothing
Devil Come Take This Town
One of These Days
Morning Is Broken
The Snake
O’Sullivan’s Jukebox

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1 Oct 2013

Pour a Little Poison (Piano Bar Version)
The Ballad of Miss Lily (Piano Bar Version)
Isn’t It Strange? (Piano Bar Version)
Nobody Tells Me What to Do (Piano Bar Version)
Throwaway (Piano Bar Version)
House Where Nobody Lives (Piano Bar Version)

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18th March 2013

Pour a Little Poison
The Ballad of Miss Lily