Perfect Soul

Perfect Soul 2018-02-27T05:31:47+00:00

C              Am             G             F G

C                                                 Am
If you crave for romance, I will show up come bearing flowers

G                                                  F                     G
If you need a good listener, I could hear you talk for hours

C                                                            Am
If you’ve need of something stronger, well I will be your man

G                                                                       F           E7
If you want somebody just to make the effort, I’ll do everything I can.


F                     F7 F#7 G7                    G7          F#7
Just don’t go pinning all your hopes down on me

F                                                  F7 F#7 G7
I can make you a pretty promise girl but that’s no guarantee


C                     Am
I’m no perfect soul

G                               F
These days I’m rolling out of control

C                               Am
But all I know to be true

G                                         F          E7
is I’ve got good intentions for you


So if you need a cleaner, I’ll take out the trash
And if you’re short on money girl, I can spare a little cash
And if you cannot hold your liquor, honey I’ll hold back your hair
If all you need is some distraction girl hey, what’s that over there?

I swear you’ll never find me whoring around
But I know there are plenty other ways I can let you down


Dm                                                  G
If you need a dancing partner, I’ll bust out some awkward moves

Dm                                                            G
And if you’d settle for some loser girl, I sure know how to lose.

(repeat chorus)