Song For The Road

Song For The Road 2018-02-27T05:28:22+00:00

well the day cast down

lengthy shadows on unfamiliar towns

and i drove 300 miles from the place i call home

and i tipped my hat to the angel of the north

and the sun, it set fire to the heavens

on the hills over sheffield tonight

and i will sail over this countryside with new friends and old

we are nowhere but man, we’re alright


so you can keep your belief in whatever

and i’ll wear my cynicism like a tattoo

and while poets try to engineer definitions of love

oh you know that all i can think of is you

and i just can’t wait to see you on sunday

far from the traffic and the smoke and the noise

but for this evening i will play back every message that you sent

so i can sleep to the sound of your voice



now i don’t lightly use words like forever

but i will love you ‘til the end of today

and in the morning when i remember everything that you are

well i know i’ll fall for you over again

now i know someday this all will be over

and it’s hard to say what most will i miss

just give me one way to spend my last moments alive

and i choose this, i choose this, i choose this

i choose this, i choose this, i choose this

i choose this, i choose this, yeah i choose…