Waiting For The Storm

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Waiting for the Storm


E              E/7F#               E7/G# A A/G# F#m B E A E


I’ve searched the places I have been

               E7/F#               E7/G# A

To understand this sorry state I’m in

                             A/G# F#m

The only answers I can find


Got lost with my tiny mind

                                           E               A E

Somewhere so many years ago


And oh my lord I can’t believe

All these crimes that are accused of me

Now my memory’s all shot

Don’t know if I’m guilty or if I’m not

Still I’ll try to clear my name


All I can do is wait and see

If sweet salvation will come and rescue me

All this weary flesh and bone

I Still walk this path alone

Waiting for the storm


B B/C C#m


I’ve heard it often said

  A              E

There’s only one sure thing

C#m G#7

So I’ll brace against the storm


But I’ll be hoping

  A#??                            E A               B              B9

I will be hoping that the springtime will come


Maybe the sky above will break

I’m hanging on for pure survival’s sake

So ashamed of what I’ve done

And scared by what’s to come

I’m just waiting for the storm


I’ve heard it often said

There’s only one sure thing

So I’ll brace against the storm