The album version of State of the Union was originally a demo recording. I mixed it myself at home with some very primitive gear and no experience whatsoever in mixing music for worldwide release. So I gave it a shot and the resulting track was decent enough. It had a strange charm that seemed to connect with people.

Many years later, my friend and mix engineer to the stars, James Brown offered to go back to the original session and mix it properly.

So this isn't a remix in the sense that it's been radically re-invented. It's the same arrangement as the one I released in 2005 but has been allowed to realise its sonic potential in the hands of an expert.

James has mixed the vast majority of my recordings since 2007. Whenever I send him tracks to mix, I will have already mixed my own version that sounds to my ear like there's nothing anybody could possibly change to make it better. James then sends back a song that sounds 100 times better than mine and I have no clue how he does it.

Some people are just good at stuff. And I find that very comforting.


Mixed by James Brown