I'm not someone who thinks that those who pursue a career in politics are innately unscrupulous, self-serving, loathsome bastards. Yes they pretty much all end up that way but I suspect most take their first steps into this murky world with good intentions. Many, I suspect, will begin with an endearingly naive will to make things better according to some devout ideological faith.
It's probably the same in a great many arenas of human endeavour.
I've certainly been aware of the gravitational pull that exists in the music business, dragging artists of integrity toward the forbidden land we always used to call "selling out".
So this is a song about the dream meeting the reality.
And the observation that in party politics, the job of the incumbent is to convince the electorate that they are happy while the job of the oppostition is to convince them they are miserable.
And it's more important to be convincing than to be right.